Protecting Buildings and Workers During the Alberta Winter

Global warming has resulted to record low temperatures during the winter. According to meteorologists, there will be another harsh and cold winter coming. They have already provided the instructions on how to survive during the long winter months. However, it is not only the meteorologists who are doing the dissemination of the list. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has constantly reminded employers and workers to take the necessary steps in preventing and treating injuries and illnesses related to the cold weather.
The Occupational Health and Safety Act calls for employers to provide their workers with working conditions that are free from recognized hazards that may result in serious physical injuries or death. The OSHA has identified several winter related risks that could lead to serious injury or death which include hypothermia, frostbite, and cold-induced injuries. These illnesses may be due to employees exerting too much effort while they are working in cold temperatures.
Employees who are most at risk of cold-related illnesses include construction workers, fishing, and agriculture related jobs. They work outdoors and hence are susceptible to weather injuries and illnesses. It is, therefore, the job of the employer to ensure that both the buildings and employees are protected during the winter months. The following are the measures that management can do to protect their employees, as suggested by the OSHA:

Provide Scaffolding employee education

The OSHA recommends employers to provide their workers with the necessary knowledge about winter related hazards which is essential to the prevention of cold-induced injuries and illnesses. At the very least, employees must be informed about “cold stress” and its related injuries such as hypothermia, frostbite, trench foot, and others. A sudden drop in temperature may result in tissue damage or possible death. Especially when workers are employed with a scaffolding company in edmonton it is critical for them to understand the safety regulations
The employees must be properly trained on how to recognize the signs of cold stress such as uncontrollable shivering, slurred speech, fatigue, impaired motor skills, and confused behavior. The OSHA has provided employers with a Cold Stress Card, a pocket-sized reference guide on the prevention and treatment of cold stress injuries, which they can give to their employees. The guide will help employees detect the signs of cold stress. Visit the Scaffolding Pros website for more details on proper scaffolding training for employees.

Provide Construction Controls and protective gear

The weather is something that the employer cannot control. However, they have the duty to provide their employees with the necessary gear and tools to survive cold temperatures. Management should install engineering controls such as radiant heaters to reduce the risk of cold stress. Outdoor workers should be provided with protective gear designed for winter work such as gloves, hats, and heavy coats. If no protective gear is provided, employees should be encouraged to wear something warm.

Implement Safe Work Practices

Aside from worker education, the employer should make sure that there is a safe workplace practice in place for the employees. These practices may include regularly checking the weather forecast or outdoor scheduling work during the warmest part of the day. Employees should also be given short rest periods to prevent exhaustion or fatigue. If possible, the rest period should be done indoors or in a warm area. There should also be warm beverages in the workplace to help increase the body temperature of employees.

Provide safe equipment

For work below the freezing point, thermal insulating materials should cover metal handles and bars. For the machines, they should be functional even if the employee does not remove mittens or gloves.

Surveillance and monitoring

In job sites where the temperature may drop to less than 16°C, there should be a thermometer on hand for monitoring of temperature changes. If the temperature is below the freezing point, monitoring should be at least every 4 hours. In outdoor sites where the air temperature is below the freezing point, recording of both air temperature and wind speed should be done by the employer.

Emergency Procedures

In the case of emergency, the employer should outline the procedure for administering first aid and obtaining medical care. Each shift should have one trained person tasked to handle emergencies. Scaffolding Pros does have that system in place for their employees
Working in cold conditions or during the winter can be challenging. Without the proper safety measures, employees are placed at a huge risk of getting cold-related injuries or illness. Protecting both the workplace and employees can be beneficial to employers. Their business will not only continue, but they can also look forward to motivated and productive employees. It is the duty of the employer to protect the workplace and employees, especially during the winter.…

Take Your Tennis Club to Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Our Experience

Do you want to find out more about Ocho Rios, Jamaica and what you can do there? Here, you’re going to get a good idea of what you need to prepare to have a good time. Then, you’ll know that you made the right choice to stay there.

You’re going to have to bring the right things with you to have a good time there. For the most part, you just have to pack clothing and the toiletries that the airline will let you bring with you. Some things are banned from planes, so you may have to get things like shampoo from a local hotel or store. Either way, make a checklist of what you are taking. Bring extra clothing because you never know if there will be some accident that requires you to change the clothes of someone you’re with.

For some recommendations on what you should bring, chek out these vacation packing tips.

What People Love about Ocho Rios

This location is a great spot to find a hotel in. When you are looking to stay somewhere, it helps to look up the different places online that you can stay at. If you can find reviews, that will help you not go to a place that has a reputation for not being that good. There are places in every city around the world that are not worth it to stay at. If anything, find all of the information you can online about any place and if you don’t see much about it then at least be careful when you visit there.

Seek out a tour of some kind in or around the area so you can learn more about where you are. Tours are fun to go on, especially if you get a guide that is fun to be with. When you are trying to plan a trip, you may want to work with a guide of some kind because they will know more about the area than what you can learn online a lot of the time. They will at least have some info about where you want to go and how to have the best time there. One of the most popular attractions in the are is konoko falls.

Tennis Courts in Ochi

We know you may be wondering about any tennis courts that may be in the area. Well there’s a lot of options to choose from. Resorts and some small hotels do have the facilities in place for you to enjoy a full day of the sport.

If you’re interested in knowing about upcoming tournaments, events or other activities while you’re in Ocho Rios or elsewhere on the island then you should definitely follow Tennis Jamaica. They keep the website updated with all the latest information so it’s a good starting point.

What You Should Take

Don’t forget to bring a camera or at least a smartphone with you for picture taking. If you are in a new place, it can be a lot of fun to take photos. Just make sure your camera is safe when you’re not using it, so it doesn’t get wet or stolen. If you plan to do a lot of swimming, you may want to grab a waterproof camera. You may want to get a lanyard so you can wrap it around your neck, so it’s not as easy to lose. If you have internet access, try to upload your favorite pictures to social media or other sites, so you’ll have them even if something happens to your device.

Once you prepare properly for your Ocho Rios, Jamaica trip, you can have a much better time there. A lot of people check out this part of the world every year and love it. You can be one of those people if you utilize the above information.…

Enjoy The Tennis club (sports) along with your health fitness

Tennis has a history that dates back years ago. This game has been spreading its wings with the concept and the formation of new things. With every passing year, the game has been popularising itself and the players and the members who have to popularise with it. This game has now been played by players from every part of the world. With the evolution of new rules and features, tennis now has been played by two peoples popularly known as singles, four people known as doubles and in the formation of men and women known as mixed doubles.

But all this can be possible if you join a tennis club. In this tennis club, you will get a lot of opportunities as well as it will also take care of your health. We will now look the benefits that the tennis club is going to provide you along with the health benefits.

You will get to learn about the game

The clubs that have been associated with the game of tennis has been providing training to the people of different ages to know about the game and the formats of playing the game. But at the very first you have to register in the club. These clubs are present in all over the world. If you surf the internet, then you will also get to know about the present and the past tennis players and the clubs from where they have taken the training. These clubs will provide you knowledge about the game and the way how it was played.

You will get coaches and partners

The centres that provide coaching in tennis are present in all over the globe. In these training centres, you will get a coach. For every single player, there is a coach. The coach guides the students to know about the game and how the game has been played. The coaches are not only meant for training only they also motivate the players. If a player lacks in motivation from his/her coach, then he/she will not be able to perform on the court against the antagonist.

Another most important function of the tennis training centres is that they also provide and choose the perfect partner for the game in doubles and mixed doubles. If anyone takes training in these clubs, then he/she has the chance of facing the court either nationally or internationally.

Helps in keeping the body fit

Tennis is one of the fastest sports among the others. In this game, you have to be ready all the time and must be aware of the strength and weakness of your antagonist. All this will only be possible if you do the exercises regularly and accordingly. If you do not keep your body fit, then you will not be able to play the game that you have planned. Your body fitness is your strength to make the returns and serves with power.


Tennis can be played by people of all ages. This can also be played for recreation purpose. You can play the game with your friends or any other members of your family.

St. Albert Alberta’s Finest Janitorial Service

The green revolution has ceased as a trend and is now a way of life. When it has begun, people found it hard to follow the trend because the shift to environmentally-conscious products is far more expensive and there were very few companies willing to entertain this trend for their clients. However, as the world witnessed the harms of always challenging the environment – such as stronger storms, longer droughts and a more aggravated version of diseases, the incentive for companies to test out environmentally safe products grew. Green cleaning was born.

For a lot of homeowners and building managers, green cleaning is entirely new. After all, anytime they want to DIY the cleaning process, they go to store and see rows upon rows of brightly packaged cleaning products. You would also probably grab the first one you see without even checking the substances that were mixed to make those products. That isn’t surprising because, for most home and office cleaning jobs, you just want to get it done, never mind the repercussions. That is the same mindset that most cleaning companies have – most except green Edmonton cleaning companies like Cleaner Canada.

As a company, we are committed to giving our clients the best and safest cleaning service available on the market. That’s why decided to use green products. They come with a lot of benefits, not just for the environment, but also for the people working in the office. Unfortunately, the benefits of green cleaning are not widely known, so this article will list some of the many advantages of using it.

Green products are skin-friendly.

Cleaning your office is a regular thing, and it should be, but the constant exposure to a room that was recently cleaned with harsh chemicals is not okay for anyone. Imagine putting your employees through cleaning solvents that are strong enough to burn skin upon direct contact. Granted, these are already diluted because they weren’t directly poured on them, nor were they used while people were in the room, but the residue in the room can still cause harm to people staying in your building.

Studies found that cleaning companies use potent chemicals to make sure that little drop goes a long way. Clients used to be okay with that until they figured out that these substances, even its residue, can still cause eye and skin irritation. Green cleaning makes sure that never happens because most products that are gentle enough for the environment are also subtle enough for people.

Cleaner Canada – Cleaning Services Using Green Products don’t have a harsh odor.

One of the easiest ways to know what type of products a professional cleaner applies is to use your sense of smell. If by your first whiff, your nose is shot, the chances are they’re using harsh chemicals to clean your office.
Conventional cleaning agents have a really strong scent, one which lingers days after the cleaning processes if over. That’s because, in most cases, the harsher the blend of substances, the more severe it is to your senses – making your eyes water, your skin burn and your nose unable to detect any other scent apart from that. Even people who are tolerant to harsh odors will experience headaches now and then, especially if they’re constantly exposed to it. This pungent, lingering smell is also bad for the environment, so green products are fitted with organic scents like lavender, rose, citrus or sea breeze.

Green products are better for the environment.

Not much claim has to be made here because green products are specially made to aid in environmental protection. But how does it happen? In the same way that harsh cleaning products affect a person, it releases harmful chemicals into the environment that infiltrate its different systems, like the air and water. If they do that much damage to your skin, imagine the damage they do to the animals living water and land they’re disposed in.

Green products have little to no such effect. These products were made using the organic chemicals and are even packaged in recyclable materials. From inception to use, their makers made sure that the products don’t contribute to ozone depletion and pollution of the different environmental systems, making them a more sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning materials.

Apart from that, using environmentally-friendly cleaning materials increases the demand for it. That encourages more cleaning companies to invest in those cleaning products as opposed to the more harmful ones. Your singular choice to support the environment by hiring cleaning companies that only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products will accumulate with other similar choices, and add to the continuously growing ripple effect of the green cleaning revolution.…

Important Things That Tennis Club Owners Should Keep In Mind

If you are the owner of a tennis club then it is important for you to understand some factors that can help you in running your club in the most professional manner. There are also some useful tips that can help you in growing the membership of your tennis club. You need to be in the learning mode and at the same time, you also need to be very creative when it comes to marketing your tennis club. Always look for the newest and the best strategies and give them time to work for you and your club. Some tips that can be very useful for you as a tennis club owner are as follows:


The very first thing that you need to do is get hold of the best tennis club in your area and then try modelling your tennis club business after it. Try studying the business model of the club by getting onto its mailing list. You must also pay very close attention to the things that the club does for attracting the attention of the prospects and the way it closes on them. Adopt the same measures or follow in its footsteps in order to gain success with your tennis club. However, it is important that you make some changes to the concepts in order to fit them into your club’s brand and style.

Marketing Is Important

Marketing your tennis club means developing the right system for getting hot leads and then closing in such a way that you get enough membership to your club. As a tennis club owner, it is important for you to take courses, read books and attend seminars. This will help you in getting a brief idea about how you need to market or promote your tennis club, marketing is pretty difficult. This is because it is a number game and you need to work on only those numbers that work for you best. It is essential for you to keep adjusting your marketing approach until you gain success. You will probably get better at marketing but it is necessary for you to be relentless in the studies that you carry out.


Leading by example is the key to earning good membership to your club. Try having regular meetings with the staff members of your tennis club and discuss your vision with them. You must also ask the staff members to offer you help in creating the club the way you like it to be created; in building a team culture and in pushing the team towards greatness. As a tennis club owner, it is necessary for you to be positive and absolutely perfect for working with different people. It is important for you to have the right skills that can be used for motivating people.


Referrals are one of the best ways of getting members to your tennis club but for this, you need to be good at the services that you provide. Only the quality of your services will decide whether you will be getting more members to your club or not.