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The green revolution has ceased as a trend and is now a way of life. When it has begun, people found it hard to follow the trend because the shift to environmentally-conscious products is far more expensive and there were very few companies willing to entertain this trend for their clients. However, as the world witnessed the harms of always challenging the environment – such as stronger storms, longer droughts and a more aggravated version of diseases, the incentive for companies to test out environmentally safe products grew. Green cleaning was born.

For a lot of homeowners and building managers, green cleaning is entirely new. After all, anytime they want to DIY the cleaning process, they go to store and see rows upon rows of brightly packaged cleaning products. You would also probably grab the first one you see without even checking the substances that were mixed to make those products. That isn’t surprising because, for most home and office cleaning jobs, you just want to get it done, never mind the repercussions. That is the same mindset that most cleaning companies have – most except green Edmonton cleaning companies like Cleaner Canada.

As a company, we are committed to giving our clients the best and safest cleaning service available on the market. That’s why decided to use green products. They come with a lot of benefits, not just for the environment, but also for the people working in the office. Unfortunately, the benefits of green cleaning are not widely known, so this article will list some of the many advantages of using it.

Green products are skin-friendly.

Cleaning your office is a regular thing, and it should be, but the constant exposure to a room that was recently cleaned with harsh chemicals is not okay for anyone. Imagine putting your employees through cleaning solvents that are strong enough to burn skin upon direct contact. Granted, these are already diluted because they weren’t directly poured on them, nor were they used while people were in the room, but the residue in the room can still cause harm to people staying in your building.

Studies found that cleaning companies use potent chemicals to make sure that little drop goes a long way. Clients used to be okay with that until they figured out that these substances, even its residue, can still cause eye and skin irritation. Green cleaning makes sure that never happens because most products that are gentle enough for the environment are also subtle enough for people.

Cleaner Canada – Cleaning Services Using Green Products don’t have a harsh odor.

One of the easiest ways to know what type of products a professional cleaner applies is to use your sense of smell. If by your first whiff, your nose is shot, the chances are they’re using harsh chemicals to clean your office.
Conventional cleaning agents have a really strong scent, one which lingers days after the cleaning processes if over. That’s because, in most cases, the harsher the blend of substances, the more severe it is to your senses – making your eyes water, your skin burn and your nose unable to detect any other scent apart from that. Even people who are tolerant to harsh odors will experience headaches now and then, especially if they’re constantly exposed to it. This pungent, lingering smell is also bad for the environment, so green products are fitted with organic scents like lavender, rose, citrus or sea breeze.

Green products are better for the environment.

Not much claim has to be made here because green products are specially made to aid in environmental protection. But how does it happen? In the same way that harsh cleaning products affect a person, it releases harmful chemicals into the environment that infiltrate its different systems, like the air and water. If they do that much damage to your skin, imagine the damage they do to the animals living water and land they’re disposed in.

Green products have little to no such effect. These products were made using the organic chemicals and are even packaged in recyclable materials. From inception to use, their makers made sure that the products don’t contribute to ozone depletion and pollution of the different environmental systems, making them a more sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning materials.

Apart from that, using environmentally-friendly cleaning materials increases the demand for it. That encourages more cleaning companies to invest in those cleaning products as opposed to the more harmful ones. Your singular choice to support the environment by hiring cleaning companies that only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products will accumulate with other similar choices, and add to the continuously growing ripple effect of the green cleaning revolution.